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Specialized Coaching to Fit Your Needs

By Any Voice Necessary

Tired of closed doors? Mine is always open

Whether you struggle with intrusive thoughts, addiction, behaviors that have felt you feeling shamed and guilty, my door is always open to those who want a better life for themselves.

I am able to offer a safe place for people to tell their story, be vulnerable, and receive personalized assistance with growth and healing. 

Utilizing my education and lived experience, alongside your willingness to share your experience and motivations for changing, we can start something great together. 

Hi, I'm Pamela Hock and I'm here to help you.

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What exactly is coaching?

While the utilization of the term counselor is not protected under any law or board certification, I choose to let you know exactly what to expect from your time with me. With a specialized coach you can expect the utilization of my education, lived experience, and tailored sessions that meet your needs outside of the stuffy, "mmhmm", nature of most mental health professionals. So, if you're tired of feeling like your previous mental health care experiences were dry and impersonal, I'm the person for you. 

Teletherapy Zoom trauma counseling

What to Expect

Board-controlled therapists and counselors are not able to accomplish what we can together. My master's level education and lived experience go beyond the scope of what these book learned persons can offer. This is what sets us apart. Here's what to expect from me. 


Evaluation & Assessment

Our first conversation is about what has been going on in your life, what led you to seek outside support, and what goals you'd like to reach.



Plan development

Together we build a strategy for the goals you set. This may include cognitive restructuring practices, communication exercises, intervention plans, and specific tools for your unique needs.


Weekly 50-minute sessions

We start with your emotional experiences, life events, and victories from the week. Then we discuss how you’ve been working on your goals, the challenges you faced, and what you feel still needs improvement. We analyze and adjust our plan accordingly, tailored to your growth and needs.

What To Expect


You can pay weekly or monthly depending on what you can manage. 

Price per session:

Individual: $130

Family/couple: $170


Weekly sessions paid monthly:

Individual: $449/mo

Family/couple: $649/mo

*No insurance taken

I had a really bad attitude at first, like I was too good for counseling. But now I realize how much I need to talk to someone. Once a week is barely enough!


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Got more questions?

This stuff is complicated. Believe me, I’ve got multiple degrees in criminal justice, general psychology, and forensic psychology (meaning I’m qualified as an expert witness in court). All those books and studies...


The human mind is complex—and trauma throws everything into chaos. If you’re experiencing a psychological emergency please call 800-273-8255.


Otherwise I can help with questions about:

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Sex trafficking

  • Addiction

  • Public speaking

  • Counseling tools & techniques

  • Sex offender counseling

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly...

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