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Counseling & Trauma Recovery

For survivors and offenders

Tired of closed doors? Mine is always open

Other trauma therapists sometimes ask me why I offer counseling for sex offenders. Because they’re people, I tell them. Deeply troubled people who desperately need professional help to get on the right track with their lives.

Also because I've been there. I understand sexual & psychological trauma. I was a victim of sex trafficking from age 13–18, so I get what it's like to struggle with something impossible.


Because of my trauma, I fell into sex addiction and self-destructive behavior.

But therapy gave me tools and strategy for managing my mental health and growing into the next phase of my life. I learned that sex offenders aren’t monsters but people in pain who’ve made horrible choices and who—instead of being outcast—need specialized help to sort through the issues underlying their destructive behavior.

That's why I became a mental health counselor for people with sex offenses.


If one person is suffering, society is suffering. We're in this together.

Hi, I'm Pamela Hock and I'm here to help you.

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Counseling Services

Struggling to find a therapist who will take your case? Whatever your legal status, I treat you like the suffering person you are. 


Whatever terrible mistakes you’ve made that led you here, we’ll talk about your past, your traumas, your behaviors, and analyze them together so we can understand the issues underlying your actions. Then we’ll develop a strategy to help you cope and change your path forward.

Sex Offenses

You're more than your mistakes

Feeling anxious? Hypervigilant? Can’t sleep or concentrate? Having nightmares?


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) describes a set of symptoms people experience after trauma of any kind; of any severity. 


From car accidents to major sexual assault, PTSD symptoms can interfere with daily life and productivity. Counseling helps you develop coping skills for recognizing the signs of a PTSD episode and reframing your mental state to avoid harmful behaviors.

Trauma Work

You’re not alone. You can recover

I really appreciate Pamela's sense of humor and patience. She makes me feel like my progress actually matters to someone besides myself.


Caught in the grip of something stronger than yourself? Though society often treats it otherwise, addiction isn’t a criminal offense—it’s a mental health crisis. Ongoing. It’s a set of habits and chemical dependencies that fill a void we’re not facing head on.


But our bodies crave that reward system even when we know it’s harmful—which triggers a downward spiral of self-loathing and despair and fuels the addiction cycle. That’s where counseling offers professional guidance to help you figure out the pain that’s underlying your addiction, structure your accountability, and build a new set of positive habits for managing your day to day.


Surrender to the process & escape the cycle

There aren’t many people who study sex trafficking who were themselves trafficked. A few years ago I finally started sharing my story on the stage, hoping to educate people about a major problem—right here in the US.

American sex trafficking is growing at an alarming rate. Each year more than 4,000 new cases are reported—and that’s just what we know about. I promise you it’s much much more. But my story doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t help make change. Contact me for more information.

Sex Trafficking

Right in our backyard...

Teletherapy Zoom trauma counseling

What to Expect

Counseling and therapy are similar in ethics and process. Therapy is a board-controlled term with strict diagnostic and procedural requirements. Counseling leaves some room for additional techniques and recovery structures.


Evaluation & Assessment

Our first conversation is about what has been going on in your life, what led you to seek counseling, and your expectations from me as a counselor.



Treatment plan development

Together we build a strategy for the goals you set. This may include cognitive restructuring practices, communication exercises, intervention plans, and specific tools for your unique needs.


Weekly 50-minute sessions

We start with your emotional experiences, life events, and victories from the week. Then we discuss how you’ve been working on your goals, the challenges you faced, and what you feel still needs improvement. We analyze and adjust our plan accordingly, tailored to your growth and needs.

What To Expect

Counseling Prices

Though I take no insurance, some of my clients pay with a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account (FSA) and get reimbursed by their insurance for mental health services.


Because I offer counseling instead of therapy, I can also offer two different ways to pay for your sessions. I encourage clients to pay monthly—because not only does it allow me to offer a discount, but also because it helps you stay more committed and focused on the sometimes difficult work we do together.

Price per session:

Individual: $130

Family/couple: $170


Weekly sessions paid monthly:

Individual: $449/mo

Family/couple: $649/mo

*No insurance taken

I had a really bad attitude at first, like I was too good for counseling. But now I realize how much I need to talk to someone. Once a week is barely enough!


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Got more questions?

This stuff is complicated. Believe me, I’ve got multiple degrees in criminal justice, general psychology, and forensic psychology (meaning I’m qualified as an expert witness in court). All those books and studies...


The human mind is complex—and trauma throws everything into chaos. If you’re experiencing a psychological emergency please call 800-273-8255.


Otherwise I can help with questions about:

  • Trauma & PTSD

  • Anxiety & depression

  • Sex trafficking

  • Addiction

  • Public speaking

  • Counseling tools & techniques

  • Sex offender counseling

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly...

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